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So now that you know all about CyberSecurity it's time to get to work and make sure you have taken all the steps to ensure you're staying cyber-safe! Here's a few cool videos and funny catoons to help get you started.

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As technology continues to advance it's important that people are educated on how to secure their personal information.The MyCyberSafety team thanks you for taking your time to become informed and #cyber-smart.



The FBI has a Most Wanted List for just 5 Cybercriminals whohave caused a loss of up to 100 million dollars.
Vannessa Hudgens, & Jenifer Lawerennce are both celebrities who have been victims of hackers.
Facebook and Pinterest are two of the top social networks used by cyber criminals

All About Cyber Security

 MyCyberSafety is all about teaching  pre-teens and teens how to keep their personal information safe while on the web. We live in a world where social media and the internet overall has allowed us to connect to people all around the world through DMs and chat rooms, shop our favorite clothing stores from our bedrooms, and even listen to the hottest music for free. The internet has definetely made our lives easier in staying connected and attaining our wants but with this great phenomenon comes the dangers of having our personal information stolen. So you may be wondering "Why is this bad and how does this happen?" Below we've provided you with the 411 on Cybersecurity:


 1. How is my information stolen?

-Your information can be stolen in avriety of ways. One way is by Hackers. (When your password is easy, strangers can hack into your accounts and steal any personal information you have attatched to that account.

-Pop-Ups are another way info can be stolen. ( False advertisments will pop-up on your computer claiming that your computer has a virus or malware. It is important that you do no fall  forthis trick and ignore the pop-up so that your information is safe and your computer does not get a virus.)

- Fake Websites ( Some websites may pose as shops for you to purchase items online. Such websites aim to steal the credit card/bank account information you blindly provide them.)

2. What happens to the information once it is stolen?

Once Information is stolen ANYTHING can happen! ( Often times if information is stolen hackers will try and use your information for finicial gain, which means you lose money. Other times strangers will simply decide to mess with your life and post and post strange things on your accounts without any consent from you.)

3. How do I know if my information is being used?

If you find that yur accounts are not how you left them (are changed in any way) or that  you've lost money on a finicial account then there could be a chance that your information has been stolen.

4. What can I do to protect my information from being stolen?

You can protect your info by doing the following:

-Install Security Software (There are many free security softwares that will work to detet any viruses, unsafe websites, or malwares that could harm your computer. Just be sure that the security software is from a trusted  company by researching the company on a tech blog/review website, or talk to your parents.)

- Make sure your computer's Automatic Update is on (This will help combat any new security threats and put less work on your hands as the computer will automatically update your security to keep your information protected. #worksmarternotharder)

-Check to see if the websites you're on are safe (If your unsure whether a website you're on can be trusted with you personal information check the website address to see if it has ''https'' the "s" stands for secure which means the website can be trusted. Also making sure that the website has contact information such as an address or phone number is a clue that it is safe.)

-Make sure your passwords are secure ( In order to prevent hackers from getting access to your accounts make sure your passwords are about  10 letters long with a mixture of upper & lower case letters, and numbers. It is also important that you do not use the same password for all your accounts/sites.)

5. What do I do if my information is stolen?

-STOP! I repeat STOP what you're doing and get offline ASAP ( Continuing to shop online or practice any more bad cybersecurity habits could worsen the state of your precious baby..erm I mean computer and result in loss of more personal information)

-Update Security Software (Use a tablet, phone or another computer to research credible companies that offer software. After you find the security software you want download it onto your computer. The Security software will flag any malware you need to delete so your computer can start functioning again & be protected from having further  information stolen.)

-Call Tech Support (If the previous steps do not work contact Tech Support to recieve help on the proper steps to return your computer back to functioning.)

-Change your passwords (Once your computer is functioning it is important to reset your previous passwords, following the password guideline mentioned before, as stolen information usually results from someone being able to access your accounts/password.) 

Most of us have seen a clip or two from the PBS Kids show Cyberchase, and although evil villians like Hacker may seem a bit comical, the problems main characters Matt, Jackie, & Inez face are actually problems that can jepordize the safety of pre-teens and teens today. Hackers, computer viruses, and network outages are very much so real which makes it important to know all about cybersecurity. MyCyberSafety provides engaging and knowledgeable services on how to keep your personal information safe here on the web.




You are our clients and MyCyberSafety wants to make sure our clients are taken care of. So if you're looking for more information on Cyber Security or want to learn more about staying safe on the internet, Here are some links to websites you can copy and paste to find useful:

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